With 25+ years of construction experience we always want to show conviction and commitment to the core values of teamwork, integrity, and production of high quality products. Our people uphold the founders vision by creating successful partnerships with our customers throughout the construction process.

Our insistence on quality of service, hard work, and responsiveness to client needs remains the company credo and has led to its success in a competitive industry. The company’s ability to address changing conditions and demands, find and serve diverse markets, and expand its services is resulting in the company to growing far beyond its founder’s dreams.


The world is changing, and so is CSB Contracting. Even though business as usual has meant adhering to the highest of standards, it is no longer enough. There are a multitude of obstacles, including increased competition, and more complex and demanding technology, and CSB Contracting must address these challenges.


The construction industry is filled with buzzwords and phrases:  “We want to do things differently,” or “We have to be innovative,” or “We need more teamwork and collaboration!” CSB Contracting transforms these vague concepts into concrete ways of doing business. The company uses sustainable systems and practices while implementing new and better approaches to deliver client projects.


Using the principles of Lean construction, CSB Contracting finds ways to minimize waste and maximize use of time, labor, and materials. Planning is integral, collaboration is key, and the result is an uninterrupted workflow, which helps deliver a project to the full satisfaction of the client.


It is amazing how much CSB Contracting has grown and we look toward a future with bright possibilities.





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Pre-Construction Planning


Our Pre-Construction Planning is tailored to meet your needs and goals.  Goals including project specifications, construction delivery method, and design phase.  The CSB Contracting, LLC Offers services including:

* On Staff Architect Detailed Plan and Specification Review

* Phased Budget Estimates

* Structural & System Construction Means & Methods Analysis

* Quality Control

* Quality Assurance Set-up

* Bid Package and Work Scope Development

* Risk Assessment & Safety Planning

* Development of Inclusion Strategies

Construction Site

Land Development


Land development is alternating the landscape in any number of ways.  CSB Contracting, LLC offers these services for the commercial and residential properties including

* Conversion of raw land into construction ready sites for medical, adult active communities, memory care facilities, retail space, multi family, and many other types of commercial and residential properties.

* Land development and improvement processes including excavating, drainage, dredging, filling, grading, paving, etc. 


Commercial Construction


Commercial construction is the building of commercial spaces for the masses.  The construction type varies in size and scale of the operation.

Commercial Construction Services Offered:

* Active Adult Communities

* Memory Care Facilities

* Assisted Living

* Multi-Family

* Retail Space

* Medical Facilities

* Office Buildings

* Commercial Renovations

* Commercial Additions

Suburb Family Home

Residential Construction


Residential construction is for the building of living space.  The construction type varies in size and scale of the operation.

Residential Construction Services Offered:

* Custom Homes

* Custom Town Homes

* Kitchen Remodel

* Bathroom Remodel

* Residential Renovations

* Residential Additions

* Residential Subdivision Construction

* Residential Town home or Tiny Home Communities

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Supply/Assembly/Installation


At CSB Contracting, LLC our Cabinet Division has some of the best personnel and options in the industry. 

Cabinet Services Offered:

* Detailed Free Estimates

* Residential Cabinet Renovations

* New Custom Residential Cabinet Designs

* New Custom Commercial Cabinet Designs

* Cabinet Assembly

* Cabinet Installation

* In Person or Over the Phone Consultations

* Detailed Renderings



Years of Experience


Projects Completed



We need work crews for our residential projects. Must have insurance and be a qualified carpenter. If you have the experience, please send an email to Info@CSBcontracting.com for details.

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